Mr. Knowitall, big head
Mr. Knowitall

Analysis, my friends. Analysis.

You too can know it all, if you will just proceed from analysis.

Mr. Knowitall is my alter-ego from a topical student publication at Stanford which I co-edit called The Thinker. Since I end up writing on most of the different topics, I decided to make a schtick out of it. If I know so much, I'll just pretend to know everything!

Mr. Knowitall. Talking to me?
Excited Mr. Knowitall
Calm Mr. Knowitall

Latest Masterpiece: The Strange Case of Dr. R.L. Stevenson:

How Mandelian genetics, while confirming the Darwinian hypothesis of mutation and natural selection, also makes possible a lamarkian mechanism (and a wild riff on love and truth as the foundations of human intelligence).

The Strange Case of Dr. Stevenson

Woman and Superwoman

Exploit Endangered Species

Wrongful Death

Limited Government

Institutions of Liberty Require Immigration Crackdown

The Answer to Racism is Liberty, not Socialist Affirmative Action

Disarm Criminals, not Law Abiding Citizens

Political Correctness: the Bastard Child of Female Sexual Leverage

How Drugs Work

Ideal Democracy and the Mountain Bike

Religion within the limits of reason

Christ and Antichrist

From the Editor

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