I  Introduction

In the context of terrorism

Plan of the paper

II  Mill's principle of liberty

Rights when direct interests conflict

Economic rights

The right to privacy

Mill's approach to public decency laws

What Mill's approach to public decency gets right

Mill's principle sufficient

III  Implementation

The necessity test

Gray areas and mala prohibitem

Can gray area protection by itself justify relaxed restrictions?

Gray area protection and drugs

A bio-metric national  i.d. system

National i.d. and economic rights


IV  Protection of privacy per se

Invasion of privacy and self-defense

Least invasive law enforcement first

Privacy per se and self-incrimination

Judicial oversight of police questioning

Attorney-client privilege

V  Maintaining rule of law

Restricting what could aid the rise of a tyrant

Habeas corpus

Gun registration

VI  Tyranny of the majority

Tyranny of the majority historically

The virtue of clarity

Ex post facto laws

VII  Racial profiling

Probable cause, reasonable search and equal protection


Manners and sensitivities


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