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Meet Solomon and Jeffer, a pair of buddies from the American south:







They like to speak their two cents on some of my articles. I'll post their commentary as it comes in. Last heard, they were talking about:

Nips and Japs   3/03

Born Yesterday 9/04

What are they talking about above? I had been discussing the appalling rate of black crime (six times the murder rate of whites) and the problems it causes for law abiding blacks. Here's how my pals wandered into the subject:





Hey Jeffer! What do you think of these chicken-littles who don't want to liberate Iraq?




Solomon… I KNEW we'd see eye to eye on this!





My people were liberated once.



My people tried to STOP your people from being liberated. If I could go back in time, even though I would be in awe, I would tell them that they were wrong, that there were men amongst you who should be free!




Oh THANK you Jeffer. And those amongst us who should not be free?





Let the law sort you out, as it does us.



From the article: Thinking straight about race

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