Rebel-Yell: Nips and Japs

Copyright 2003, by Alec Rawls

Rebel-Yell, frame 1, Solomon: "Psst! Jeffer! Check out this Nip anthill."Frame 2: Jeffer: "I've got a belt of aught-six left." Solomon: "I've got grenades. Keep 'em down while I get to that berm."

Frame 3: Jeffer: "All so those Japs back home who won't take a loyalty oath can demand reparations someday." (Clickable link)

Frame 4: Solomon: "That's if we WIN."

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*   Eligibility for reparations under the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 included those who refused to swear loyalty to the United States. The only excluded group were those who actually went to Japan to join the enemy, though even those people's children were eligible for reparations. See Code of Federal Regulations, Title 28, Volume 2, Section 74.4 "Individuals excluded from compensation pursuant to section 108(B) of the [Civil Liberties Act of 1988]," available at 


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