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Hmmm…. A classified intelligence warning is pessimistic about Iraq. Isn’t it treason to publish classified intelligence in time of war?







A Marine major at Captain’s Quarters says that intelligence is old and wrong. In the last two months the Islamo-fascists were driven out of Najaf by our military, and they were booted out of Samarra by Iraqi Civilians! That in SPITE of the negative media coverage that makes Iraqis doubt our will.

Get this from Kerry: “With all due respect to the president, has he turned on the evening news lately? Does he read the newspapers? Does he really know what's happening? Is he talking about the same war that the rest of us are talking about?








That would be....yesterday’s war?     








You weren't born yesterday!   


Nope, and he wasn't born yesterday either.


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Can I coin the term "blog-toon" for a cartoon with links? Cox and Forkum broke the ground here with the on-line documentary support they provide for their single-panel made-for-paper political cartoons. "Link-toon" would also work, but blogs are synonymous with links, and blog sounds more cartoony than link, so I vote for blog-toon.

Here are some additional citations, Cox and Forkum style, for the Daily Drip's headlines:

1.   "Kofi Annan: enforcing U.N. resolutions illegal,"

2.   "False but True" refers, of course, to the Rathergate docs being described as "Fake but accurate," most famously in the NYT headline, "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says." The accuracy redoubt isn't looking to good either, however. Strike one is the assertion of Ben Barnes daughter that her father admitted to her in 2000, contrary to his 60 Minutes testimony, that he never did anything to help Bush get into the Guard. Strike two comes from CBS "trump card" Gen. Hodges ret., a colleague of Killian who was cited on 60 Minutes backing up the content of the docs. He says he was misled by CBS, and was not verifying that the docs reflected Killian's thoughts at the time, but was merely commenting: "Well if he wrote them that's what he felt." Strike 3 is the evidence that the forger is Bill Burkett, who is a known liar, having earlier made charges that he saw Bush records being purged at a place where "Texas Guard officials said no Texas Air Guard records had ever been stored." Burkett's tale of record purging was also denied by the person he claimed as another witness to the events. Strike 4 is General Staudt's denial that he pressured Killian or anyone else on Bush's behalf, or that he was pressured by anyone to admit Bush into the guard, which he says was strictly on Bush's standout qualities as a candidate. CBS says that, because Staudt has been accused, his testimony can't be trusted. Powerline notes the Catch-22:  "So if you slander a man, as CBS did General Staudt, the fact that he has been slandered makes his response so suspect that it can safely be disregarded." You're outta there CBS!

3.   "Grim Milestone Remembered." It is grim, and we should remember every one of those thousand milestones. But the fact that the thousandth American death in Iraq comes now, more than a year and a half after the war started, is incredibly good news, when pessimists were predicting many thousands of casualties in the initial assault, and realists knew that some very bad things could happen. We lost 3000+ on the first day of this war. Search the MSM  in vain for the good news side of this story, that our soldiers are doing an incredibly good job of killing the enemy without getting killed. That should be a highlight of this memorial: how dearly they managed to spend their lives, and the same goes for all the man-years spent by their surviving comrades. God bless our men and women in uniform.

4.   Economy Sick: fastest growth in 2 decades. "Senator's Gloomy Picture Backed by Recent Polls," reads a Washington Post's headline about Kerry's badmouthing of the economy. (No economic girly-men!) But whoops, look what appears INSIDE the story: "The economy is growing at its fastest clip in 20 years, 1.4 million jobs have been created in the past nine months, including nearly 250,000 in May alone, and wages are starting to climb for many workers."

Correction:  I originally had Solomon saying  "... A classified intelligence estimate is pessimistic about Iraq." Double checking the link, the story says that it was a warning, paired with the estimate, that was classified. (A higher level intelligence assessment of the estimate perhaps?) This warning was passed on to the press, and published, so Solomon's question about publishing classified intelligence in time of war is valid.

I also decided to change the university from Bama! to Mason-Dixon U.  To any  members of the Red Tide who like Solomon and Jeffer, I did have you in mind (the elephant mascot is especially hard to resist), but I decided it is not my place to appropriate your symbols for my blatant political purposes. Go elephants! (Of all affiliations.)

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