Rawls v Jones and Beattie

The arguments for my case appear primarily in the Opening Brief. There are some substantive points in the Answer to Answers filing. Anyone else who wants to challenge the law giving an electoral monopoly to the law enforcement establishment, feel free to draw on these materials. I filed pro per -- that is, I acted as my own attorney (without being an attorney) -- but it seems that I succeeded in putting the issue properly before the court, so my pleadings must be reasonably on the mark (thanks to Don Kilmer for letting me look at his filings from a ballot access case he once brought pro per). The opposing attorney (an excellent fellow named Oliver Cox) did tell me that I should invest in a guide book of plea forms. Undoubtedly he is right.

Amended Opening Complaint (pleadings)

Amended Opening Brief

Reply to Demur

Answer to Answers

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